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We offer a complete interactive multimedia creation and design service with rapid turnaround.


From interactive presentations to screensavers and auto running videos, software installations or simple menu systems to provide easy access your files, customised to your requirements.



We can provide a delivery method for your information via CD, Web, USB, touchscreen etc, such as documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access etc), videos, PDFs, price lists, images, websites, audio etc.



Not only do we create the content, we are able to produce duplication runs from 5 to 1000 CD, DVD, business card CD, USB or executable file

Exciting and innovative, multimedia business cards are a dynamic way to present information.

They are capable of storing up to 50MB of data and can play in nearly any computer or DVD player.

They are available as both oval and rectangular shapes, plus unique shaped CDs can be pressed for special events