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   Complete design
   of PowerPoint








Presentations can be critical to the success of business and external input can often add the competitive edge. We have been involved in many small and large scale presentations, proposals and bids involving literally hundreds of millions of dollars. This background provides a considerable knowledge base that extends beyond the design and construction and helps provide a depth that is guaranteed to enhance your plans.

We can create templates or tackle your existing PowerPoint presentations and add special effect, videos, animations and audio or take your ideas, plans and objectives and create your masterpiece from scratch.

PowerPoint Templates (backgrounds, titles, bullets etc.)

PowerPoint Animations (builds, transitions, actions on screen)

PowerPoint with Video (use videos, run from a CD)

Interactive PowerPoint Presentations (move between slides, hidden slides, branched presentations)

Branched Presentations (presentations that change depending on the user demand)

Convert PowerPoint to DVD, video, Flash or other formats

Convert other formats for PowerPoint
(video or documents that PowerPoint does not recognise)

Click on the images below to view some samples:

avis-ppt cc-ppt
med-ppt2 cb-ppt
gsk-ppt intra-ppt